Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Performance Book on the way

Over the past few months, I have been working on a new edition of my book Climbing: Training for Peak Performance. To say that it is revised would be an understatement!

Since it was published over six years ago, I have continued to follow the science of nutrition and sports with great interest. During that time, I've been filing away notes, articles, and papers which I knew would be useful. I've also been following trends in the fitness industry such as the rise of CrossFit, kettlebells, functional training, and other concepts.

The new edition, which should be out around August 2008, is greatly updated and expanded. I took out some exercises that I no longer consider time efficient and added others that give more bang for the buck. There are three new chapters to help readers find information. And I have included recommendations on numerous specific products that can enhance training and recovery.
Over the next few months, I will use this blog to provide additional information on training for better outdoor performance. Although my book is specific to climbers, my own interests include many other sports. Sometimes there will be product reviews. Sometimes links to other blogs or articles. We'll see how this develops.

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